Dunlap Mellor Scratches Itch for Fritch


Dunlap, Mellor & Co. of Aston, Pa., a distributor of ConocoPhillips industrial lubricants, last week announced its acquisition of Fritch Lubricants of Bethlehem, Pa., in a deal worth $2 million.

Fritch Lubricants, a division of heating oil company Fritch Inc. is a distributor of Citgo, Milacron, Houghton International and Quaker Chemical products to customers in eastern and northeastern Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey. Dunlap Mellor supplies lubricants to the Philadelphia area, southern New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and northern Virginia.

Dunlap Mellor obtained Fritchs inventory, equipment and customer list of about 1,400, but did not purchase Fritchs lubricant facility, Dunlap Mellor President Barry S. Mellor, III, confirmed. One Fritch Lubricants employee joined Dunlap Mellor while the others transferred to other jobs at Fritch Inc.

Dunlap Mellors philosophy and business ethics parallel Fritch Lubricants in its commitment to service excellent, Mellor said. The two companies mirrored each other, and this acquisition opens new lines for us.

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