Can Castrol Hook Young Drivers?


Castrol Consumer North America is promoting its Syntec motor oils to the MTV generation by sponsoring a new television program about makeovers for cars.

The name of the program, Pimp My Ride, might raise eyebrows for some, but Castrol officials predicted viewers will appreciate its slang meaning and that some of them will be won over to the Syntec brand.

The young people who are watching the show are going to understand that Pimp My Ride means customize my car, Syntec Marketing Manager Mike DeBiasi told Lube Report. I think anyone who watches the show is going to understand that right away. Its a cool, fun show, and it has an audience that we want to reach. Its always good to associate with programs like that.

Pimp My Ride, which began airing just a few weeks ago, fits into the makeover format of other successful programs such as Extreme Makeover, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Trading Spaces. With the help of California auto restyler West Coast Customs, the shows hosts help owners of beat-up, characterless vehicles turn them into souped-up, attention-grabbing works of art.

DeBiasi said the program is already popular and is drawing a niche audience with whom Syntec has had success.

From consumer research, we found that Syntec has a following in the tuner crowd – mostly males between the ages of 18 and 25 who are passionate about their car and its appearance, DeBiasi said. These are people who are willing to spend some money on their cars, and they appreciate the benefits provided by synthetic motor oils.

Pimp My Ride airs Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. EST. Syntec has signed up to advertise during all 10 of the seasons espisodes and also at the Pimp My Ride section of MTVs website.

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