Curtiss-Wright Back for Third Bite


Curtiss-Wright Corp., a provider of metal treatment products and services, announced last week that it has bought the Everlube Products Division of Morgan Advanced Ceramics Inc. for $6.4 million.

The deal marked Curtiss-Wrights third coatings acquisition from Morgan in just over a year. Everlube manufactures solid-film lubricants and other specialty coatings for high-performance, niche applications.

As with the other two transactions, Curtiss-Wright officials said the Everlube pickup will diversify the companys metal treatment segment, which is focused on precision metal finishing services such as shot and laser peening and heat treating.

In March 2003, Curtiss-Wrightagreed to buy the U.S. operations of Morgans E/M Coatings, which makes solid-film lubricants to provide lubrication, corrosion resistance and cosmetic and dielectric properties for the aerospace, automotive, electronics and medical markets. Six weeks ago Curtiss-Wright agreed to buy the rest of the E/M business, including a plant in Evesham, U.K. Between those two deals, Curtiss-Wright paid $23 million for operations that had 331 employees and annual sales of $30.7 million.

Everlube is based in Peachtree, Ga., and has annual sales of $3.9 million. Its products – sold under brand names such as Everlube, EverSlik, Lube-Lok and Lubri-Bond – provide lubrication and heat and corrosion resistance. Its customers are original equipment manufacturers, metal finishers and distributors in the aerospace, automotive, general industrial, electronics and medical industries.

A Morgan spokeswoman said Curtiss-Wright has now acquired all of Morgans solid-film lubricant operations, so the companies plan no further transactions in that area.

Curtiss-Wright, which is based in Roseland, N.J., is a diversified company that designs, builds and overhauls products for motion control and flow control applications. Morgan Advanced Ceramics is a subsidiary of Windsor, U.K.-based Morgan Crucible Plc. Morgan Advanced Ceramics supplies ceramics for the medical, telecommunications, semiconductor and aerospace markets.

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