Greener Skiing Gets Lift from Anderol


Skiers prefer their slopes white, of course, but an operator of Colorado resorts is using polyalphaolefins to try to make its lifts greener.

Anderol Inc. announced Monday that it has reached an agreement to supply synthetic products to lubricate ski lifts run by Aspen Skiing Co. While allowing that skiing is not, and will not become a core market for its business, Anderol representatives said the deal affords an opportunity to demonstrate the performance and relative benignity of its lubes.

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Anderol specialty lubricants are engineered for optimal equipment performance and aimed towards environmental consciousness, said Alex Kaufman, chief executive officer of Anderols parent company, Kaufman Holdings Corporation.The synergy between our companies environmental strategies makes the partnership a natural fit for improving business and strengthening clean mountain operations.

Aspen operates resorts on four mountains near Aspen, Colo., and describes itself as an industry leader in environmental responsibility. The company previously used mineral oil based lubricants on its lifts, but officials said they are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption.

Ski lift performance is the core of the skiing industry, and traditionally companies have faced a difficult challenge in achieving efficient lifts, Director of Environmental Affairs Auden Schendler said. Aspen Skiing Co. recognizes this and is working with Anderol to be the first ski company to incorporate lubricants into its environmental initiative to reduce power consumption of lifts.

Anderol is based in East Hanover, N.J. It manufactures specialty lubricants, primarily for aviation, air compressor and food-processing applications.

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