Russian Titan Prepares to Produce Greases


Russian petrochemicals manufacturer Titan is preparing to produce greases at its 12,000 tons per year annual capacity plant in Novocherkassk, Rostov region.

Titan recently established its subsidiary, Novocherkassk Lubricant Plant, at the site of a grease production complex that has been idle for more than a year. Now it is getting ready to restart production with a wide range of lubes and greases that it intends to supply in Russia.

The grease production site will see additional investment for modernization of existing equipment, as well as expansion of the range of products, Titan added. The finished products will be sold under the Titan brand. The company is currently working to create a distributor network.

The grease plant in Novocherkassk was established in 2007 by an enterprise called Russian Grease Co. After an accrued debt of 328 million rubles (U.S. $5.6 million), the enterprise filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and halted its production in 2016. In July of this year, the creditor, bank Vozrozhdenie, sold all of the plants assets to Titan.

The plant went through an equipment preparation process, infrastructure recovery and conclusion of contracts on raw material supply and sale of finished products that will be delivered in and out of the country, Titan said in a recent news release. The staff is nearly complete, at 70 percent, and the start-up of the recovered production is planned by the end of October. We are scheduled to reach designed plant capacity during the first half of 2018.

The company also said that it aims to reach major Russian companies that operate in the metallurgy, mining, mechanical and instrumental engineering, automotive and rail transport sectors, as well as in the metalworking and defense sectors.

The Novocherkassk plant operates with a unique technology based on waterless mixing of the components, which allows significant reduction of energy costs without worsening finished product quality. The production process is almost no-waste due to a closed processing cycle. The quality of raw materials and finished product is checked in our own laboratory fitted with high-quality equipment, the company said.

Titan is based in Omsk, western Siberia, where it operates two petrochemical complexes. At its refining complexes there, the company produces different types of petrochemical products, such as synthetic rubbers and latex, fuels, gas condensate and polypropylene.

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