Russia Raids Motor Oil Counterfeiters


Russian police confiscated nearly 6,000 liters of counterfeit motor oil in a raid in Nizhny Novgorod as part of a bigger anti-counterfeiting crackdown there.

The operation is taking place at small-scale retail flea markets and stores around the city, the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the region said in an Oct. 21 press release. Besides other counterfeit goods, we succeeded in confiscating 5,600 liters of motor oil packed in different canisters and labeled with different brands.

The police filed administrative and criminal charges against the alleged perpetrators.

In another incident involving motor oil in western Russia, a freight truck carrying around 9 tons of finished lubricants crashed from a bridge near Vyborg last week, according to Russian interior ministry reports.

In the early hours of Oct. 30, the truck crashed through a barrier and fell 30 meters into the Saimaa Canal near Vyborg, close to Russias border with Finland. The truck was transporting ExxonMobils Mobil 1 brand of engine oils, witnesses told Russian media.

The police said they are still searching for the driver, who may have drowned. Various-size canisters were reportedly floating in the ice-cold waters of the canal.

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