Fake Lube Production Foiled in Ukraine


Ukrainian authorities thwarted an organized group in the Rivne Oblast that had allegedly been making and selling fake motor oils under the labels of popular engine oil brands, the nations Ministry of Internal Affairs said in a recent press release.

Local police arrested two residents of the city of Rivne, in western Ukraine, accused of selling fake lubricants in counterfeit canisters. During the investigation, law enforcement officers in plain clothes bought several samples of the counterfeited products for 30,000 hryvnia, (around U.S. $1,400), the ministry said in an Aug. 4 news release. Later, after analysis was performed, they discovered that the labels were made with very low quality images and graphics. The oil was filled in canisters not used by the official producers, while the price of these products was much lower than the current market price.

Rivne police then raided the suspects premises and confiscated a ton of fluids in counterfeit 1- to 5-liter canisters. Oleg Lepekha, head of the ministrys cybercrime department, said the perpetrators were charged with unlawful use of trademarked brands and products. Authorities said they were still investigating the value of the fluids.

The Ukrainian lubricant market is flooded with fake products that are sold in cities at sprawling flea markets for used cars and auto parts. Police frequently discover rings of various sizes trading or making counterfeit automotive oils.

In December, police raided a plant in a Vinnitsa Oblast warehouse where fake lubricants were allegedly being made. They arrested five people and discovered 25,000 liters of fake lubes, greases and other liquid products in canisters of different sizes.

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