Calumet Launches Operations in Mexico


Calumet Specialty Products Partners L.P. opened Calumet Specialty Oils de Mexico, which will provide the companys global customers with access to bulk products – including base oil – through two terminals and packaged products from a warehouse in Mexico.

The terminals will be in the states of Jalisco, Nuevo Leon, and Distrito Federal. The warehouse will be in Tlalnepantla (Mexico City).

The company said it will offer a wide range of products to customers in Mexico and Latin America through its Mexico facility. The initial product focus will include base oils, transformer oils, waxes, white mineral oils, petrolatum and other specialty hydrocarbon fluids, such as solvents, Calumet stated in a news release yesterday.

Harji Gill, Calumets vice president of international sales, said the company was excited by the potential opportunities stemming from the facility in Mexico and looked forward to expanding its product offering to the Latin American and South American markets. This new facility will provide us with a strategically located facility capable of serving current and prospective customers in Latin America, furthering our commitment to grow on a global scale, Gill said in a news release.

Calumet operates a 19-acre distribution center open 24 hours a day that is located within the gated Ferrovalle rail terminal complex. The distribution center is served by all three major railroads in Mexico – KCSM, Ferromex and Ferrosur – and also provides extensive drumming capabilities and transloading services. Calumet said the new warehouse location enables it to offer administrative and logistical advantages to its customer base.