Lukoil To Truck Lubes in W. Europe


Russian lube marketer Lukoil has started using trucks to deliver base oils to lubricant blenders in Western Europe, the company said last week.

Tanker trucks are used to deliver API Group I solvent neutral 150 and 500 oils loaded at Lukoils rented storage facility in the Hemiksem TOV terminal near Antwerp, Belgium.

This distribution project in smaller volume installments is not started by chance, Alexey Strelchenko, LLK Internationals deputy general director, said in an Oct. 8 news release. This type of [base oil] distribution has been requested by our customers, primarily finished lubricants producers, because of its convenience.

Many of Western European finished lube producers operate with limited storage facilities and prefer to order raw materials in smaller volumes, according to Strelchenko. At the same time, the location of our storage facility in Belgium optimizes logistics for Lukoil base oils and makes our service demanded by end users.

Lukoil ships its base oils to Western Europe by oil tankers that travel from the Baltic Sea port of Russian enclave Kaliningrad. In October, the company expects to load around 1,500 metric tons of base oils at its storage near Antwerp and to distribute it by tank trucks to its customers.

LLK is Russian oil major Lukoils lubricants arm and the countrys largest lube marketer.

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