Gazprom Launches Ag Lube Brand


Russias Gazprom Neft Lubricants and Rostselmash, a major manufacturer of agricultural machinery, introduced a line of new lube products.

Branded as Rostselmash G-Profi, the product line is intended for use in the contemporary agricultural machinery and consists of motor, transmission and hydraulic oils, as well as greases and coolants. These products are resistant to high temperatures and characterized by detergent properties, and dont need to be changed as frequently as heavy duty vehicle oils, Gazprom Neft Lubricants said in an Aug. 14 press release.

Earlier this year Rostselmash and Gazprom signed a factory fill deal for the machine makers assembly line in Rostov-on-Don. The introduction of the new brand is the next step of their long-term collaboration. Operating conditions of the trucks and the combines differ substantially. By applying heavy duty vehicle oils in the combines, we were making some kind of compromise, said Prokhor Darmov, Rostselmashs marketing director. The company is now getting ready to apply Gazproms agricultural lubes throughout all of its machinery products.

Gazprom Neft Lubricants is always keen to use its technical and scientific base for development of new products for its partners, said Alexandar Trukhan, the companys general director.

Rostselmash is among the five largest agricultural machinery manufacturers in the world. It owns assembly facilities located in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, with its principal Russian assembly plant located in Rostov-on-Don. The manufacturer produces 24 types of agricultural machinery with more than 150 subtypes such as combine and feed harvesters, soil cultivators, seeding and spraying machines, as well as tractors.

Gazprom Neft Lubricants, part of oil major Gazprom Neft in 2013 held a 14 percent share of the Russian lubricant market, and its combined lubricant and base oil output reached 490,000 metric tons, according to the company. It operates two API Group I base oil plants – one in Omsk, and the other in Yaroslavl through a joint venture with state oil giant Rosneft. Gazprom Neft Lubricants also operates a few lubricant production facilities in Russia, Italy and Serbia.

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