Lukoil Scores Deals in Russia


Russian lube maker LLK International signed a lubricant supply deal with Mosenergo, Russias largest utility company, and introduced a key product for the countrys metallurgic industry.

Valid through November 2014, the utility deal includes supply of 600 metric ton of Tp-22C-branded turbine oil that will be used for operation of Mosenergos steam turbines.

These oils have antioxidant, anticorrosion, demulsifying and antifoam properties and are recommended for use in a number of turbines such as steam, hydroelectric, and sea [turbines], as well as for reduction gears, LLK said in a July 1 news release.

A subsidiary of Russian energy giant Gazprom, Mosenergo is the countrys largest power generator operating on fossil fuel and claims to be the worlds largest thermal generation company. It supplies around 60 percent of the total electric power needs of Moscow and its suburbs, and supplies around 70 percent of their total needs for heating.

In late 2013 LLK finished the formulation of a new product. Branded Lukoil Intego, the product is used for fluid friction bearings in rolling mills. In December we started a field testing of our circulation oil in Severstal and Magnitorsk Iron and Steel Works [MMK], and all tests so far showed great results, Lukoil told Lube Report. The first batches of rolling mill oil were supplied to MMK in June.

Severstal and MMK are among the largest metallurgical and mining conglomerates in Russia.

LLK is Russian oil major Lukoils lube arm. Lukoil is the biggest lubricant marketer in Russia. In 2013 it held a 47 percent share of Russias 2.3 million ton base oil and lubricants market, according to InfoTek Moscow consultancy.

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