Chemical Prices Increase


Dover Chemical, Evonik and BASF each recently increased prices for chemicals used by the lubricants industry.

Dover, Ohio-based Dover Chemical raised off-list prices 5 cents per pound for all grades of its liquid and solid chlorinated products effective March 1 or as contracts permit.

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The products include several types of chlorinated paraffins sold under the Paroil, Chloroflo, Chlorowax, Chlorez, Hordaresin, Hordaflam and Doverguard brand names, along with Doverchlor brand chlorinated olefins.

Dover has held prices steady for more than three years, the company stated in a recent notice on its website. Since that time we have seen our costs increase in both production as well as regulatory affairs.

Evonik Industries oil additives business line, headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, increased prices for its Viscoplex and Viscobase product lines. The company is not disclosing the amount of the increase, an Evonik spokesman told Lube Report.

Viscoplex products include viscosity index improvers, pour point depressants, dewaxing aids, fuel additives, and defoamer additives. Viscobase synthetic base fluids are designed for formulation of semi-synthetic and synthetic engine oils, gear oils and hydraulic fluids in a variety of automotive and industrial applications.

BASF recently increased its European sales prices for ethanolamines by 20 (U.S. $27.76) per metric ton for monoethanolamine, 50/t for diethanolamine and 20/t for triethanolamine, or by the equivalent amounts in local currency. The price increase will also apply to current supply agreements as permitted by their terms and conditions.

Ethanolamines are intermediates that can be used in the manufacture of lubricants. The company produces the chemical in Germany, Belgium and China.

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