Boss Grows in Canada


Boss Lubricants added a new warehouse and blending facility in Edmonton, Canada, to grow its opportunities to supply and service the northern Alberta market.

The new facility will blend mainly glycol based products, and a few specialty products also, Jarrett Flegel, Boss Lubricants president and chief operating officer, told Lube Report. Specialty products the company offers include railroad diesel oil, chain oil and motorcycle oil.

The facility features a racking storage system, bulk terminaling capabilities, blending facility and tank farm, the company stated in a press release. Flegel said the plant building is 15,000 square feet, and the site has a tank farm of 11 tanks, with nearly 52,000 gallons capacity. This includes pushback racking that stores more than 400 pallets.

Canadas winter weather brings different demands for lubricants. The most demand these days in Canada is 0W-40 synthetic diesel engine oil, due to the cold climate, he noted. More companies are using this grade of lubricant for longer drain intervals, better cold flow at start up, and the fact they are able to run this grade of oil year round.

Increasing use of synthetics is becoming more common in Canada, according to Flegel. The only trend we are seeing is a steady increase in synthetic oils overall, whether it be in hydraulics, engine oils, greases, etc., he said. Bio-based alternative fuels and lubes are not popular due to their limited performance in cold weather in Canada.

He noted that most federal guidelines in Canada state that any time excavation takes place near a creek, river, or any type of water table, the equipment used must have lubricants sensitive to the environment and that have no zinc.

Flegel said that for most grease applications in Canada, lithium complex grease continues to remain the type used most often, with a small increase in requests for use of synthetic greases.

Boss manufactures, blends, packages, and distributes more than 400 products, including engine oils, transmission oils, gear oils, hydraulic oil, compressor lubricants, grease, antifreeze, cleaners, and specialty products. The company operates nine warehouse distribution centers across Canada.