Oxea, Chemtura Raise Prices


Oxea plans to increase prices on several chemicals used in producing lubricants, and Chemturas Petroleum Additives business announced upcoming price hikes on grease and detergents products.

Oberhausen, Germany-based Oxea raised list and off-list prices for three carboxylic acids effective Oct. 1 by 75 to 100 per metric ton in Europe, by $100 to $130 per ton in the Middle East and Africa, and by $100 to $130 per ton in Asia. Carboxylic acids are chemical intermediates used for a variety of applications including production of lubricants and drying agents for coatings and paints.

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Oxea also raised prices on neopentylglycol by 5 cents per pound in North America, by $150 per ton in Latin America and Asia, and by 100 per ton in Europe. The chemical is used in production of synthetic lubricants.

Philadelphia-based Chemturas Petroleum Additives business said it will raise prices 11 cents per kilogram on its calcium sulfonate complex grease (G-2000 series) effective Sept. 20. The company is also raising prices 11 cents per kilogram on its detergent products (sold under the Hybase, Lobase, Calcinate, Barium and Surchem monikers), also effective Sept. 20.

Price increases become effective on the announced date, or as contracts allow.

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