A Look at Canada’s Fast Lubes


Canadian quick lubes report average oil drain intervals of over 7,000 km (nearly 4,400 miles), average sales per store over C$1 million (U.S. $974,000), and an average ticket total of nearly C$90, according to National Oil & Lube News first survey of Canadas fast lube operators.

Published in the May issue of NOLN, the 2013 Canadian Fast Lube Operators Survey compiled data from facilities throughout Canada, looking at quick lubes operations, prices, sales, products and services.

Canadian quick lubes posted average yearly sales per store of C$1,017,567. Their average ticket totaled C$89.77. About 63 percent of Canadian fast lubes gross annual sales consisted solely of oil changes.

The average price for a basic lube, oil and filter change – offered by 82 percent of operators – was C$48.30. All quick lubes surveyed offered a premium, synthetic lube, oil and filter change, at an average price of C$86.16. The average price for a rerefined or green lube, oil and filter change, which was only offered by 19 percent of those surveyed, was C$46.33.

The survey found Pennzoil was the best-selling motor oil in Canadian fast lubes, at 40 percent of the market, followed by Valvoline (20 percent), Petro-Canada and Castrol (each with 13 percent), Mobil (7 percent) and Boss (7 percent). The highest volume bulk motor oil used cost an average of C$2.85 per liter.

About 60 percent of vehicles serviced were equipped with oil monitors.

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