Oronite Projects Move Forward


Additives manufacturer Chevron Oronite last week said it is achieving milestones in four major capital projects – two in Singapore and two in France – aimed at strengthening its supply chain and positioning the company for further growth.

The four projects include:

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  • the previously announced expansion of its Singapore manufacturing plant, which when completed in early 2014, will have more than doubled in capacity since its commissioning in 1999;
  • further expansion of the Singapore plant through a planned project, now in the front-end engineering and desin stage, to significantly increase carboxylate detergent output;
  • a dispersant expansion at the company’s Gonfrevile, France, manufacturing plant, currently under construction and expected to be complete later this year;
  • and increase detergent production capacity at the Gonfreville plant, with a project that reached a final investment decision in Feburary.

The major investments in capacity expansion as well as in technological advancement will allow Oronite to continue effectively serving growing markets around the world, and to continue providing differentiated engine oil additives for the foreseeable future, the company said in a May 8 news release.

These investments form an integral part of our ongoing strategy to remain at the forefront of meeting lubricant additive demand for the next decade and beyond, said Ron Kiskis, president of Chevron Oronite.

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