Oxea Keen on Acids, Alcohols


Oxea has expanded production capacity for carboxylic acids, and it will increase hydrogenation capacity to offer a broader range of higher alcohols. The chemicals, produced at plants in Germany, are used in lubricant esters and additives.

The company on Friday said it increased production at its carboxylic acid plant in Marl, Germany, by 20 percent, twice as much as originally planned. Oxea operates four carboxylic acid plants worldwide, and said it plans to bring a new plant on line in Oberhausen, Germany, where the company is headquartered, at the end of 2012. The company didnt disclose the capacity figures.

Carboxylic acids are used for manufacturing energy-efficient lubricant esters for refrigeration units such as air conditioners and refrigerators, or specialty plasticizers, among other uses.

This expansion is just one of many steps that will ultimately result in a significant increase of Oxeas global carboxylic acid capacities by the end of 2012, said Martina Floel, spokesperson for the Oxea executive board, which is also responsible for production and technology.

In conjunction with opening the Oberhausen plant, the company is upgrading two existing carboxylic acid plants. This work will be completed even before the plant in Oberhausen is commissioned, Floel said.

Miguel Mantas, responsible for marketing and sales on Oxeas executive board, said carboxylic acids offer great development potential for the company. Due to a large number of new applications in various branches of industry, global demand is rising significantly, he noted.

To offer the broader range of higher alcohols, Oxea invested in additional hydrogenation capacities at its Oberhausen site. Four types of higher alcohols will be commercially available, starting in the third quarter of 2012.

According to an Aug. 8 announcement, the new products are to meet globally increasing demand for higher alcohols.