Enoc Launches UAE Plant


Emirates National Oil Co. inaugurated its 105,000 metric tons per year lubricants and grease plant on Monday in Fujairah Port in the United Arab Emirates.

The plant can blend 100,000 t/y of mineral oil-based and synthetic lubricants, and 5,000 t/y of grease, according to a company statement. Enoc said upcoming expansion in three phases through 2014 will raise the plants capacity to more than 250,000 t/y of lubricants and grease, underlining its credentials as one of the largest single lubricants plants in the Middle East and Africa.

The plant has its own supply line connection from the jetty to nine base oil tanks, which have a total storage capacity of 11,000 tons. The supply line can also be used for reverse supply of finished products to marine vessels and barges. The port location provides access to the Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean, ensuring dispatch of supplies directly to vessels and easing logistics.

Enoc CEO Saeed Abdullah Khoory said the manufacturing plant in Fujairah Port will serve as a key driver in the companys expansion to new global markets. Khoory noted that through its integrated approach to blending, analysis and filling, the plant will manufacture a wide range of lubricants independently and cater to the needs of Enocs growing list of clients from over 50 countries in the Middle East region, Africa, South East Asia and the Subcontinent.

Enocs plant can blend a wide range of oils, including automotive engine, gear, transmission, specialty, industrial and gear oils, as well as automotive and industrial greases.