Henkel, Oxea, Kraton Raise Prices


Henkel, Oxea and Kraton Polymers will increase prices for lubricants and lubricant-related chemicals.

Henkel raised prices in North America on its industrial products for the automotive and metals industries. Product categories that will be affected are lubricants, adhesives, sealants and surface treatment products.

The increases are a result of ongoing escalation of raw material and energy costs, the D sseldorf, Germany based company said. The first increases were implemented in January, and the remaining will take into effect throughout 2012 based on product type. Increases will vary by chemical platforms, and customers will be notified directly and in advance to any pricing changes. Its announcement didnt disclose the specific price change amounts.

Kraton Polymers of Houston will raise prices effective April 1 by $400 per metric ton in the Asia Pacific region and by $440 per metric ton or 20 cents per pound in the Americas for its SBS polymers and compounds. The polymers are used in lubricants and other applications ranging from personal care to paving.

Oxea implemented price hikes effective March 1, or as contracts allow, on several types of chemicals used in lubricants.

Oberhausen, Germany-based Oxea increased list and off-list prices for six amines effective March 1 by 60 to 100 per metric ton in Europe, $90 to $140/t in Asia and Latin America, and 4 to 6 cents per pound in the United States. Amines are used in lubricant additives and corrosion inhibitors.

The company raised list and off-list price increases for four carboxylic acids effective March 1 by 80 to 100/t in Europe, 5 to 15 cents per pound in North America, and $100 to $130/t in the rest of the world. Carboxylic acids are used in synthetic lubricants.

Oxea also raised prices 10 cents per pound in North America, and 150/t in Europe on two polyols, neopentylglycol and trimethylolpropane, which are used in synthetic lubricants.

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