U.S. Base Oil Price Report


Consumers in the U.S. base oils market were inundated with price increase notices over the past week from ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Flint Hills Resources, Chevron, Calumet, SK, Valero and Holly. Following Motivas lead of last week, increases range between 20 and 33 cents per gallon.

On Friday, Dec. 3, ConocoPhillips raised its API Group II paraffinic grades between 25 and 33 cents/gal. Posted prices for neturals 70, 80 and 110 went up 25 cents/gal, and 225 and 600 moved up 33 cents/gal. The company also confirmed that all Ultra-S Group II+ and III postings were increased by 30 cents/gal. ConocoPhillips markets S-Oils base stocks in North America.

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Direct buyers said that ExxonMobil also jumped on the bandwagon and lifted its Group I American Core grades on Tues., Dec. 7. According to customers, ExxonMobil boosted Group I 100, 150 and 330 vis grades by 25 cents/gal, 600 vis moved up 30 cents/gal, while bright stock shifted higher by 20 cents/gal. EHC 45 (110 vis) Group II+ rose by 30 cents/gal, while EHC 60 (190 vis) is up 25 cents/gal.

FHR told its customers that it raised its Group II 70 and 75 neutrals by 30 cents/gal, upped 100 and 230 vis by 27 cents/gal, and adjusted 600 vis upward by 30 cents/gal, effective Tues. Dec. 7.

Today, Dec. 8, Chevron raised postings by 25 cents/gal on its Group II 100 and 220 neutrals, while pulling 600 vis up by 30 cents/gal.

Calumet also pushed up its Group I and Group II posted prices effective today, Dec. 8. The company raised its Group I 700 vis by 30 cents/gal, while upping bright stock by 20 cents/gal. Its Group II postings went up by 25 cents/gal across the board.

Also effective today, Dec. 8, SK pushed up all its Group II+, III and III+ Yubase postings by 30 cents/gal.

On Fri., Dec. 10 Valero will adjust its Group I posted prices, moving up its 100 and 165 neutrals by 25 cents/gal, hiking 500 and 700 neutrals by 30 cents/gal, and hoisting bright stock by 20 cents per gal.

Holly said it will amend its Group I paraffinic grades on Mon. Dec. 13 by adding 25 cents/gal to the 70 through 250 vis grades, while bumping up 500 vis and bright stock by 20 cents /gal.

On the upstream front, crude oil prices garnered strength over the past week, rising beyond the $85/barrel level to upwards of $90/barrel reached during intra-day trade on Tuesday. Some analysts expect this higher level to prevail for the near term, maintaining that crude oil has been undervalued for months.

At the close of the Tuesday, Dec. 7, NYMEX session, front-month light sweet crude futures ended the day at $88.69 per barrel, a gain of $4.58 compared to the Nov. 30 close at $84.11.

Historic U.S. posted base oil prices and WTI and Brent crude spot prices are available for purchase in Excel format.

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