Cognis, Oxea Increase Prices


Cognis raised prices on its Synative line of synthetic lubricant components, and Oxea boosted prices for a variety of carboxylic acids used in production of lubricants.

Dusseldorf, Germany-based Cognis Corp. upped prices 13 percent for its Synative line effective April 1, or as provided by individual contracts.

The Synative product range includes fatty alcohols, several types of esters, emulsifiers and additives. Key application areas include metalworking fluids, rolling oils, environmentally acceptable lubricants, additives, automotive and industrial lubricants.

Oxea, headquartered in Oberhausen, Germany, will increase list and off-list prices on six types of carboxylic acids effective April 1, or as contracts allow, by 40 to 150 per metric ton in Europe, by 7 to 10 cents per pound in the Americas (butyric acid prices remain unchanged) and by $100 to $250 per metric ton in Asia.

Carboxylic acids are chemical intermediates in a variety of applications, including production of lubricants and drying agents for coatings and paints.

In early February, Oxea outlined plans to limit sales of a variety of solvents in North, Central and South America to previously agreed target volumes. On March 3, in response to market conditions, it extended the previous sales control to its esters product line. Oxea will hold seven types of esters to previously agreed target volumes in North, Central and South America.

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