ATIEL, UEIL Form Sustainability Panel


Two of Europe’s important lubricant industry trade groups – ATIEL and UEIL – have formed a joint committee to work on sustainability topics of interest to the market.

The Technical Association of the European Lubricants Industry and the Union of the European Lubricants Industry formed the ATIEL & UEIL Joint Sustainability Committee on June 13, according to a news release that said the group will work to smooth the impact of legislative initiatives such as the European Union’s Green New Deal.

“With this initiative, we aim to leverage the combined expertise and resources of both organizations with the purpose of addressing critical sustainability challenges,” ATIEL President Marco Digioia said in the news release.

Officials noted that the groups have already been cooperating. Last year a task force of members from those groups and consulting firm Carbon Minds developed and published a methodology for calculating carbon footprints of individual lubricant products and related specialties, designed to serve as a uniform gauge for lube marketers to measure environmental sustainability of their goods.

Last month UEIL and ATIEL co-hosted a webinar on sustainability as it relates to the lubes industry.

The joint committee is chaired by Markus Garb, representing UEIL, and co-chaired by ATIEL’s Mika Kettunen.

The organizations said the committee will work on matters of mutual interest related to environmental and legislative drivers, including but not limited to the Green Deal.