German Demand Falls Again


German Demand Falls Again

Although Germany’s domestic lubricant demand declined 7% in November, the largest category – motor oils – posted a 5% year-on-year increase, and compressor oil and turbine oil categories showed even larger increases, according to government agency data released recently.

Total lubricants sales in the country decreased to 48,239 metric tons in November, compared to 51,945 tons in the same month last year, Germany’s Federal Office of Economics and Export Control reported. That continued a year-long trend of year-on year decreases in overall demand.

However, several categories showed increased demand. Consumption of motor oils rose to 19,233 tons in the month, compared to 18,372 tons. Turbine oil demand experienced the largest increase, 80%, to 250 tons, while compressor oil consumption rose 20% to 1,123 tons. Demand for grease was up slightly at 2,045 tons, compared to 2,043 tons.

The steepest decreases occurred in the various metalworking oils categories – by 33% for non-water miscible oils to 710 tons, by 31% for water-miscible oils to 777 tons and by 29% for anti-corrosion oils to 138 tons.

Several other categories posted decreases of 20% or more. Transformer oil demand was down 28% to 858 tons. Hydraulic oil consumption decreased 26% to 4,074 tons.

In the gear oils segment, demand fell 27% for industrial gear oils to 1,539 tons, while demand for automotive gear oils dropped 23% to 2,789 tons, and consumption of transmission fluids slid 15% to 4,139 tons.

Process oil demand was nearly flat at 8,847 tons.

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