Vickers Opening Food-grade Lube Plant


Vickers Opening Food-grade Lube Plant
Vickers Oils opened a plant dedicated to making food-grade lubricants. Photo courtesy of Vickers Oils

Vickers Oils announced it has built a lubricant blending plant in the Leeds, United Kingdom, area dedicated to production of food-grade lubricants.

Officials said the isolation of the facility, which is located three kilometers from Vickers’ other production facility, will help ensure the safety of products made there.

In a recent news release, the company said consumers are increasingly concerned about the “provenance, quality and safety of what goes in the shopping basket.”

The news release stated that plant is located approximately 3 km from Vickers’ existing production facilities, which are in Hunslet, on the southern outskirts of Leeds. The company did not disclose the capacity of the plant but said they believe it to be the first large production site in the U.K. dedicated to making food-grade lubes.

Food-grade lubricants are designed for use in food and beverage processing plants and according to industry standards. Although usually not meant to become part of the food or beverage, they should be non-toxic, tasteless and odorless in cases of incidental contact. Their use has grown in markets prioritizing food and beverage safety.

Vickers said the new plant will open February 23, that it will make only food-grade lubricants and greases and that only raw materials accepted for food-grade use will be received there. In this way, cross-contamination by non-food-grade materials will be avoided, the company said. Employees will move between the two production sites but will be required to change clothing upon entering the food-grade plant.

The plant will make lubricants meeting the industry’s ISO 21469 standard for food-grade materials and Halal and Kosher requirements.