Germany Lube Demand Keeps Falling


Germany Lube Demand Keeps Falling

Finished lubricants demand in Germany, including process oils, dropped 22% in June, continuing a trend of year-on-year decreases every month this year, according to data released by a government agency Sept. 4.

The nation’s lube sales declined to 40,165 metric tons in June, compared to 51,179 tons in the same month last year. June’s volume was the lowest for a month this year, followed by 42,149 tons in April. The steepest decreases in June were reported in the metalworking, hydraulic and turbine oil categories.

In the metalworking oils category, demand fell 70% for water-miscible oils fell to 503 tons, corrosion-preventing oil demand decreased 69% to 75 tons, and consumption oil-based fluids dropped 65% to 416 tons.

Hydraulic oil demand plummeted 73% to 1,721 tons, and turbine oil consumption declined 44% to 156 tons.

Among categories showing smaller decreases, grease demand fell 29% to 1,833 tons, industrial gear oils declined 22% to 1,337 tons, demand for compressor oil decreased 20% to 880 tons, motor oil consumption decreased 16% to 15,119 tons, and car gear oils demand decreased 10% to 2,401 tons.

Three lubricant categories showed year-on-year growth in demand. Automatic transmission fluid demand jumped 48% to 4,118 tons, for the largest increase. Transformer oils consumption grew 20% to 865 tons, and demand for automotive grease rose 18% to 623 tons.