Germany Demand Down in January


Germany Demand Down in January

Germany’s domestic lubricant demand fell 16% year on year to 46,070 metric tons in January, with hydraulic oils and metalworking oils showing the steepest declines, according to data released today by a German government agency.

Motor oil sales declined 9% to 14,941 tons in January, compared to 16,391 tons in the same month last year, the country’s Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Exported Control reported.

Gear oils showed signs of growth, with automatic transmission fluid demand up 13% at 5,210 tons and automotive gear oils increasing 12% to 3,521 tons. On the other hand, sales of industrial gear oils decreased 8% to 1,862 tons.

Demand for hydraulic oils experienced a steep 78% drop to 1,330 tons, compared to 6,072 tons. Transformer oil sales climbed 21% to 910 tons. Machine oil demand increased 1% to 2,829 tons.

All metalworking oil segment categories dropped at least 60% year-on-year in volume in January. Sales of non-water miscible oils fell 65% to 672 tons, water miscible oils also dropped by 65% to 661 tons, anti-corrosion oils declined 63% to 119 tons and hardening oils slipped 74% to 33 tons.

Demand for greases decreased 12% to 1,886 tons, while sales of greases for automotive applications rose 16% to 541 tons.

The data includes process oils, which was down 2% at 11,036 tons in January.