France Market Shrank Last Year


France Market Shrank Last Year

Lubricant sales in France declined by 6% in 2022 and by 8% in December, compared to the same month of 2021, according to an industry association’s data, with demand consistently slower year on year in each month after May.

The country’s lubricant sales volume was 512,852 metric tons last year, down from 545,572 tons in 2021. In December, lube demand fell to 38,324 tons, from 41,478 tons.

In addition to covering December’s demand, the Professional Lubricants Center’s latest statistics also include revised monthly figures from earlier in 2022. Based on the revised 2022 monthly data, the market started 2022 by trailing 2021 in January and February by 6% and 8% respectively. Year-over-year consumption rose in two of the next three months, with demand up by less than 1% in March and by 8% in May, sandwiched around a 13% drop in April.

Year-over-year comparisons were all down for the remaining seven months of 2022. The steepest declines were 13% in July and 10% in both September and October. The year-over-year decreases for the other months ranged between 1% and 8%.

The highest monthly consumption total in 2022 — and the only time demand topped 46,000 tons – was recorded in March, at 52,089 tons. The lowest marks were 36,112 tons in August and December’s 38,324 tons, which were the only months when consumption fell below 40,000 tons.

Automotive lubricant consumptions in 2022 decreased 4% to 280,417 tons. Demand for engine oils in passenger cars decreased 1% to 160,564 tons. Sales of engine oils used in heavy-duty diesel commercial vehicles fell 22% to 12,598 tons. Automatic transmission fluid sales increased 5% to 10,000 tons. Automotive grease sales dropped 19% to 4,141 tons.

Industrial lubricants demand – excluding process oils – decreased 5% to 176,031 tons in 2022. Hydraulic transmission oils were down 2% at 70,923 tons, while industrial greases demand climbed 18% to 18,793 tons.  Non-soluble metalworking fluids consumption fell 15% to 15,431 tons, and soluble metalworking fluids dropped 27% to 13,815 tons. Turbine oil demand decreased 6% to 2,708 tons, while compress oil consumption declined 8% to 2,304 tons. Sales of process oils declined 18% to 56,404 tons last year.

In December, automotive lubricant sales declined 8% to 19,749 tons. Passenger car engine oil consumption decreased 3% to 11,368 tons, while sales of engine oils for commercial vehicles fell 17% to 810 tons. Automatic transmission fluid consumption slipped 6% to 576 tons, and sales of greases for automotive applications fell 34% to 242 tons.

December industrial lubricants demand – excluding process oils – was virtually unchanged at 14,947 tons. Hydraulic fluid sales decreased 7% to 5,610 tons, while industrial grease sales jumped 71% to 2,250 tons. Sales of non-soluble metalworking fluids slipped 13% to 1,296 tons, while sales of soluble metalworking fluids were flat at 1,178 tons. Consumption of turbine oils dropped 25% to 211 tons, while sales of compressor oils increased 8% to 189 tons. Demand for process oils dropped 29% to 3,628 tons in December.

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