Peter Greven Boosts Esters Output


German oleochemical supplier Peter Greven GmbH announced last week that it has expanded ester production capacity at its factory in Bad Muenstereifel, Germany, by 50% in order to meet growing demand from the lubricant industry.

The company, which is headquartered in Bad Muenstereifel, near the country’s western border, did not disclose the cost or size of the project.

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The expansion was accomplished by installing an additional esterification line, according to an April 19 new release.

“The environmental requirements for lubricants increase and the trend towards biolubricants continues,” Managing Director Peter Greven said in the news release, adding that the company pitches its esters based on their biodegradability and their sustainability.

The news release did not state the source of the company’s oleochemicals, and officials did not respond to an interview request. Oleochemicals are derived from plant and animal fats.

Traditionally Peter Greven’s main products have been metallic and alkaline soaps used in lubricants as well as plastics, construction, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food applications, but the company has adopted a strategy of expanding its esters business.

Besides Germany, the company operates manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands, the United States and Malaysia. Esters are produced in Germany and in Penang, Malaysia, the latter site operated by a 60-40 joint venture with IOI – a Malaysian palm oil supplier.

Malaysia is the world’s second-largest oil palm producing nation, and the joint venture does make esters from palm oil.