Another Startup Opens in Azerbaijan


Yet another state-sponsored start-up lubricant manufacturer has opened in Azerbaijan, this one a National Academy of Science pilot plant producing novel greases with a mix of sulfated animal and plant oils as well as mineral base oils. It is the third undertaking that is part of a government strategy to improve the quality of lubricants available in the country.

The newest project, named Pilot Production, is located in the Azerbaijan’s National Academy of Science’s high tech park in Baku. It joins two mid-size blenders that recently started operations in Azerbaijan.

According to the academy’s Jan. 22 news release, the Pilot Production startup is producing three types of greases. The products are branded Solidol-J, Graphite grease and Litol-24, mostly used in industrial and agricultural machinery, as well as in the automotive applications.

Other two Azeri lube makers are Technol, capable to produce a 50,000 t/y of finished lubricants and located in Samqayit, a port town near Baku, and Millers Oil, a joint venture between the British lube marketer and the academy, that is also located in the high tech park and capable to produce 11,700 t/y.

According to Technol, Azerbaijan consumed 70,000 tons of lubricants in 2019.

Socar, a state owned oil major, operates a 2,900 barrels per day API Group I base oil plant.

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