Aerospace Firm Launches Lubes


Xeriant, a start-up in the aerospace industry, has jumped into the lubricants business, too, launching a line of metal conditioners and other lubes for applications ranging from automobiles to biogas power generation.

Xeriant is a 12-year-old holding company headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, United States, but the lubricants business is being handled by Prague-based Xeriant Europe s.r.o., described by the American company as a strategic alliance partner. In a Jan. 13 news release, the company said it has begun selling and has shipped product to 14 countries.

Officials said the lubricants launch exemplifies the company’s strategy of finding ways to apply aerospace technologies to other industries.

“This is one of many advanced materials that Xeriant Europe is securing under exclusive licensing agreements for Xeriant to generate near-term revenue and profitability, each with enormous potential in aerospace and other industries,” Xeriant CEO Keith Duffy said.

Xeriant’s core focus is on aviation technologies ranging from propulsion systems to powered lift aircraft to unmanned aerial systems. It also has an advanced materials unit that works to develop and use composites, superalloys, coatings and other materials.

The company said its metal conditioners and lubricants started initially were viewed for aerospace applications but that it sees them as offering advantages in automotive, energy, industrial, military and marine applications. It described the products as eco-friendly and based on nanotechnology but did not elaborate.

In its press release Xeriant said it aims to expand sales to 40 countries this year, and it stated an ambitious goal to become a disruptor in the lubricants industry. It cited a 2019 report by Precedence Research predicting that the global industry will grow $55 billion in 2019 to $80 billion by 2027.

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