Some Poland Motorists Unaware of Oil Brand


Some Poland Motorists Unaware of Oil Brand

More than a quarter of Polish motorists do not know what type or brand of oil is used in their vehicle, according to a new marketing study on motor oil consumer behavior within the country.

The study, conducted in 2019 and published in March, is based on a survey of 1,000 individual car owners by Arc Rynek i Opinia, a Warsaw-based market research firm. The company completed the report on behalf of Petronas Lubricants Poland, the exclusive distributor of Petronas products in the country.

According to the study, 27 percent of the surveyed motorists do not know what brand of motor oil is in their engine or whether or not it’s synthetic. Thirty percent said that they know only what brand is used, while 29 percent said that they are aware of both the oil brand and type of oil. Only 9 percent said that they know the brand, type and the viscosity of the oil.

Thirty-three percent of Polish motorists buy motor oils in car part stores while 28 percent buy their motor oil at car service stations, according to the study. Other places where the country’s motorists buy their products are gasoline filling stations (14 percent), online (9 percent) and supermarkets (8 percent).

Arc Rynek found that Polish women are much more likely to seek advice for oil changes or car maintenance from friends or car service stations. On the other hand, men more often go online and seek advice from forums or social media.

Seventy-one percent of those surveyed indicated that car service technicians are their key source of knowledge about engine oils. The others seek out friends, store associates and online forums.

Regarding oil changes, 62 percent of the respondents turn to the mechanics to get advice on what oil they should use for their cars and 40 percent seek information in the car’s user manual, while 33 percent just choose the same oil that was used previously. Respondents could choose more than one answer for this question.

Price is not the most important criteria for car owners choosing motor oil, the survey found. Advice from mechanics was the most popular choice from a list of possible criteria for choosing oils, selected by 41 percent of respondents. It was followed by the manufacturer’s recommendation (39 percent) oil used previously (37 percent) and then price (27 percent).Over 80 percent of respondents said engine oil has more impact on the condition of a car than tires and fuel.

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A car mechanic pouring motor oil into an engine. More than a quarter of Polish motorists do not know what type or brand of oil is used in their vehicle, according to a study.

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