Kluber Acquires Wire Drawing Lube Maker


Kluber Acquires Wire Drawing Lube Maker

Kluber Lubrication announced last week it acquired wire drawing lubricant producer Traxit International GmbH and its subsidiaries.

Schwelm, Germany-based Traxit supplies dry lubricants, wet lubricants and coating agents for wire drawing applications. It has manufacturing sites in Germany, China and the United States. Kluber claims Traxit is one of the largest wire drawing lubricant producers globally.

Wire drawing is a metalworking process that reduces the cross section of wire material – usually beginning as a rod or bar – by pulling it through a die or series of dies. Lubricants or soaps are used to protect the die from wear, enable faster drawing speeds and to improve the wire finish.

Dry lubricants are important for a number of wire drawing applications, while wet lubricants are mainly used for fine wire drawing and bright wire surfaces, according to Traxits website.

We have been pursuing an active acquisition strategy for many years with a view to expanding the existing businesses by further value-added services, Claus Langgartner, speaker of the board at Kluber, said in a Jan. 3 press release. High-end products and services for the manufacturing of wires are a perfect addition to our existing portfolio of advanced specialty lubricants improving operational efficiency and protecting customer assets.

Kluber did not respond by deadline to questions about Traxits operations.

Traxit will continue to manage operations of its businesses, and its headquarters will stay in Schwelm, the press release confirmed. Traxit has subsidiaries, agents or representatives in over 150 countries, according to Kluber. With Traxit in its portfolio, Kluber Lubrication will enlarge its footprint in specialty lubricants and will develop it strategically …. The strategic leadership is oriented towards long-term growth, the company said.

Munich, Germany-based Kluber Lubrication is a specialty lubricants supplier for a number of industries, including automotive, chemical, marine and metalworking.

Photo: DePho/Adobe Stock