Mixed Results for EU Vehicle Sales


Commercial vehicle registrations across the Europe Union grew 5.8 percent to almost 1.4 million vehicles over the first six months of this year, while passenger car registrations declined 3.1 percent to 8.2 million registrations, according to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association.

ACEA said in a news release last month that except for Germanys slight increase of 0.5 percent, each of the large EU markets recorded a slight decline in passenger car registrations for the first half of this year. Meanwhile, the increase in commercial vehicle registrations for the EU was led by a 13.9 percent increase in the United Kingdom, a 6.9 percent rise in France, and increases of 4.8 percent in Italy and 2.6 percent in Spain.

ACEA divides new commercial vehicles into several categories, based on gross vehicle weight: light commercial vehicles – also known as commercial vans – up to 3.5 metric tons, including light buses and coaches; heavy commercial vehicles of 16 tons and over, excluding heavy buses and coaches; medium and heavy commercial vehicles between 3.5 and 16 tons, excluding medium and heavy buses and coaches; and medium and heavy buses and coaches over 3.5 tons.

New commercial van registrations grew by 3.8 percent over the first six months of this year, despite a slowdown observed in June. Registrations grew by 11.7 percent in Germany, 8.7 percent in the United Kingdom, 5.9 percent in Italy, 5.6 percent in France and 2.3 percent in Sprain.

More than 186,500 heavy commercial vehicles were registered across the EU over the first six months of 2019, up 16.2 percent. The highest increases were 28.2 percent in the U.K., 19.3 percent in Germany and 18.7 percent in France. Demand in the Italian market remained stable.

Registrations for new trucks in the medium and heavy commercial vehicle category grew by 16.5 percent to almost 228,400 units over the first six months of the year. The U.K. posted the highest growth at 26.2 percent, followed by Germany at 21.2 percent and France with 17.6 percent.

More than 22,100 new medium and heavy buses and coaches were registered across the EU over the fix six months of the year, up 9.2 percent, mainly due to the strong performance of the segment in May and June, ACEA said.

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