Intesmo Increased Grease Output


Russian grease marketer Intesmo increased its output by 25 percent in 2018, according to Lukoil, a partner in the joint venture with state-owned rail transportation monopoly Russian Railways.

The joint venture added eight products to its portfolio in 2018, seven of them food-grade greases, Lukoil said in its annual performance report.

Intesmos Flex-branded greases are primarily thickened with lithium soaps. The company also manufactures railway greases and greases that comply with Gost standards, technical specifications maintained by the Euro-Asian Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification, an organization of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Intesmos 30,000 metric tons per year grease plant is located in Volgograd and features a research and development center that was opened in 2016.

In three years of its existence the center established 200 methods for testing of lubricants and greases, and this year we are planning to open another research facility for development of industrial oils and specialty products, Lukoil said in its annual report.

Intesmos plans for 2020 include expansion of its food-grade grease products assortment, and production of binding and polyglycol grease, as well as high-temperature and abrading greases in an effort to displace imported products and have similar or better operating properties than the imported counterparts, according to Lukoils annual report.

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