Naftan Increases Base Oil Output


Belarus oil major Naftan expanded its base oil product portfolio and slightly increased its total base oil production to over 110,000 metric tons in 2017.

The company exported the bulk of its base oil production, said Piter Katulsky, Naftans deputy sales manager for petrochemical products.

Photo courtesy of Naftan

Belarus oil major Naftan’s plant in Novopolotsk has capacity to make 198,000 tons per year API Group I and 6,000 t/y of Group III base oils.

In 2017 we succeeded in slightly increasing our total base oil production over the year before to more than 110,000 tons, and almost 90 percent of it was meant for export, Katulsky told Lube Report.

Last year the company shipped over 100,000 tons of base oils to Ukraine, Poland and some Western European countries, as well as to Africa, the Middle East and South America.

The base oil plant at Naftans refinery in Novopolotsk, Belarus, has capacity to make 198,000 tons per year API Group I and 6,000 t/y of Group III.

In February, the company introduced four new Group I solvent neutral products: SN200, SN350, SN650 and SN850. It also produces SN150, SN500 and SN1200, as well as 4 centiStoke and 7 cSt Group III stocks.

Last month the company shipped several batches of SN650 and SN850 to Poland, the Netherlands and Israel, according to Katulsky.

Naftan also produces motor oils, transmission and industrial oils, slack waxes, petrolatum, plasticizers and other petrochemical products at its lubricant and bitumen production department in Novopolotsk.

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