Volume 9 Issue 16

Poland Demand Dipped in 2023

Poland’s demand for lubricants dropped by 1% in 2023 as the country’s economy stagnated, reflecting a broader decline in economic activity across Europe due to successive disruptions during the last several years.

Joint Venture Builds Lube Plant in Angola

Angolan energy company Etu Energias and Malaysian lube marketer Glide Technology Sdn announced they will form a joint venture to develop a lubricant blending plant, the first of its kind in Angola.

Risks Declared for Two Diphenylamines

A French safety agency has proposed recommending restrictions on the use of two diphenylamines – a category of chemicals that is relatively lightly regulated but coming under scrutiny of regulators in a number of countries.

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Briefly Noted

Budenheim, whose products include lubricants for metal treatment applications, is investing €25 million (U.S. $26.5 million) to build analytical laboratories and research and development space – to be completed in the second half of 2025 – at its main production site in Budenheim, Germany. The company said its research includes development of lubricants and additives for the metalworking industry that contribute to the transformation toward electromobility and support the steel industry on its way to carbon dioxide neutrality.