Volume 7 Issue 12

Russian Base Oil Exports Keep Falling

Russian base oil exports by sea dropped by 10% in 2023 to 260,000 metric tons, as the European Union imposed an embargo on Russian petroleum product imports and the country’s base oil marketers scrambled to find alternative outlets, a market analyst said at an industry event here.

EU Tightening Emissions Limits on Trucks

The European Parliament adopted automobile emissions rules that tighten emissions limits for heavy-duty vehicles while leaving them unchanged for light-duty vehicles.

Spain Lube Demand Rose in 2023

Spain’s lubricant demand rebounded in the second half of 2023 to finish ahead of 2022 levels, the Spain Lubricants Association reported last month.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

Arteco Opens Coolants Plant in China

South Korea Base Oil Exports Fall

Cerilon to Use Chevron Technology

Briefly Noted

Citing supply and demand, OQ Chemicals said it will raise prices April 1 on isononanoic acid by €100 (U.S. $109) per metric ton in Europe. Isononanoic acids are carboxylic acids that can be used to make synthetic polyol ester-based lubricants used in applications such as refrigeration and aviation.