Volume 6 Issue 42

Azmol-BP Shifts to Georgia, Uzbekistan

Lubricant maker Azmol-British Petrochemicals has transferred its production activities to Georgia and Uzbekistan after losing control of its factory in Berdyansk, Ukraine, during Russia’s occupation of parts of the country.

Product Carbon Footprint Methodology Published

After nine months of development, the Union of the European Lubricants Industry and the Technical Association of the European Lubricants Industry published their Methodology for Product Carbon Footprint Calculations for Lubricants and Other Specialties.

Special Report: Additives

The Special Report on Additives examines where Russia is sourcing its additives after the major additive suppliers withdrew from the country, as well as which factors have affected global additive supply during the past few years.

ACEA Official: Engine Oil Specs for Years to Come

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association will probably continue developing automotive engine oil specifications after the European Union prohibits sales of vehicles powered solely by petroleum fuels, according to the chairman of the association’s task force for light-duty lubricants, but the organization is not ready to develop standards for electric vehicle fluids.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

MJL Agrees to Buy Land for Expansion

South America Demand Forecast to Outpace North

U.S. Base Oil Exports, Imports Both Decline

Briefly Noted

Cafu and Shell Markets Middle East on Oct. 12 signed an agreement announcing Shell as Dubai, United Arab Emirates-based Cafu’s preferred lubricants partner. Shell-approved service providers will deliver mobile oil change services via Cafu’s mobile app-based fuel delivery and vehicle services platform, using Shell’s lubricants.