Volume 4 Issue 7

Shell Highlights Lubes in New Strategy

Royal Dutch Shell on Feb. 11 outlined plans to accelerate its drive to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, stating that it also plans to expand its marketing business – including lubricants – and its gas-to-liquids business, which includes GTL base oils and finished lubricants formulated with them.

Pandemic Dented Demand in Spain

Lubricant demand in Spain fell 12.7% in 2020 due to impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, based on data compiled by the Spanish Lubricants Association. In its January newsletter the organization reported that market made a significant rebound during the second half of the year after bottoming out during the second quarter.

Embezzlement Ring Alleged at Refinery

A group of 20 employees at Lukoil’s Volgograd refinery – which has a lubricant blending plant – was accused last week of stealing motor oil throughout 2018, according to the region’s prosecutor office. Authorities so far have arrested three of the employees involved. Losses for the company amounted to 15.5 million rubles, the prosecutor’s office alleged in a news release.

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Briefly Noted

Anatoliy Skoromets was named the new general director of Gazpromneft Lubricants. Alexander Trukhan, who headed the Russian company since 2008, now manages its international operations.  About 600 German Mitsubishi automotive service partners gain access to Mobil products starting this month, under a recently announced supply agreement between ExxonMobil and Mitsubishi in Germany.