Volume 3 Issue 18

French Lube Demand Fell in 2019

French lubricant demand dropped 5.2 percent in 2019 as the European Union’s carbon dioxide emission reduction targets put pressure on the automotive sector in France and other large Euro economies, according to a consultant.

Study Assesses Hydraulic Fluid Sustainability

German industrial giants Fuchs Petrolub and BASF carried out a joint study on the cradle-to-grave environmental impact of mineral oil hydraulic fluids, opening the door to further investigation of synthetic hydraulic fluid products.

Q1 Profits Down for BP, Fuchs

BP’s lubricants business posted a steep drop in profit for the first quarter, which it attributed primarily to Covid-19 pandemic impacts, while independent lubricants blender Fuchs Petrolub SE reported moderate declines in profits and sales, compared to 2019’s first quarter.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

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China VI Emissions Standard Postponed

GF-6, SP Hit Market May 1

Briefly Noted

Castrol Lubricants and Central Trading, its national distributor in the United Arab Emirates, announced rigorous hygiene protocols and frequent thorough sterilization of every surface and area of its branded workshops across all of the U.A.E.’s seven emirates. Regular periodic hand sanitization for both mechanics and customers is also strictly enforced to further minimize the chances of contacting or spreading infection, as part of the efforts against covid-19.