Volume 2 Issue 41

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

The U.S. Gulf has been slightly busier, which has eliminated a large part of the additional space. European markets have been chugging along reasonably satisfactory. Asia looks quieter because of all the public holidays.-by Adrian Brown

Oleic Acid Production Planned in Italy

NextChem announced yesterday it was contracted by Sogis Chemical Co. to build a plant that will make oleic acid from residual fats. Oleic acids are intermediates used for production of biobased lubricants.

Kenya Urged to Cut Import Duties

Ola Energy urged the Kenyan government last week to lower its import duties on base oils and lubricant additives to allow lube blenders within the country to be more competitive in the regional market.

Greif Opens IBC Plant in Russia

Greif, an American manufacturer of industrial packaging, expanded its operations in Russia with a second intermediate bulk container production plant to serve its lubricants industry customers, the company told Lube Report.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

Briefly Noted

CepsaandExxonMobilrenewed an agreement for Cepsa to manufacture and distribute Mobil-brand lubricants in Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar.Quaker Houghton closed its previously announced acquisition of the operation divisions of Coventry, United Kingdom-based Norman Hay, whose Surface Technology division provides dry-film lubricant coatings that provide friction control.