Volume 2 Issue 15

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

The U.S. Gulf market has been thrown into disarray by the chemical fire at IBCs Deer Park facility in Houston and the ensuing clean-up operation. European trade is not that busy, and Asia is largely static too.-by Adrian Brown

ACEA 2018 Delayed Until 2020

The European Automobile Manufacturers Associations 2018 engine oil sequences will be delayed until at least mid-2020, ACEAs heavy-duty diesel chairman told a conference in Germany last week. He added, though, that the delay would not cause significant problems.

Albania Base Oil Plant Idled

A refinery in Ballsh, Albania, and its associated API Group I base oil plant has been idled since January because of irregular crude oil supply.

Aegean Emerges from Chapter 11

Marine fuels and lubricants supplier Aegean Marine Petroleum Network emerged from Chapter 11 restructuring last week under a new name - Minerva Bunkering - as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mercuria Energy Group Ltd., an independent energy and commodity company based in Geneva, Switzerland.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

Briefly Noted

Azelis and Derives Resiniques et Terpeniques, a Dax, France-based rosin and turpentine derivatives manufacturer, signed an agreement to distribute tall oil fatty acids and distilled tall oil throughout Europe – with the exception of Spain and Portugal – into the lubricants market, among others. Gazpromneft-Lubricants attained a National Sanitation Foundation International H1 category registration for incidental food contact for its Gazpromneft White Oil T product line, enabling their use in food processing equipment.