Lanxess Unveils Antioxidant Expansion


Lanxess said this week that it will expand its output of aminic antioxidants for lubricants at a chemical factory in Taiwan.

The German chemical company did not specify the current or future capacity of the facility nor the cost of the project, stating that the site’s capacity to make the antioxidants will increase by several thousand metric tons per year and describing the price as several million United States dollars.

Officials said the company is undertaking the expansion because demand for aminic antioxidants has been growing steadily and fast.

“We’ve seen rapid market growth in aminic antioxidants in the recent months and years,” Martin Saewe, head of Lanxess’s lubricant additive business, said in an announcement issued Tuesday.

Antioxidants improve lubricant performance by helping to stave off degradation that occurs when high temperatures or other factors cause oxidation reactions.

Lanxess is headquartered in Cologne, Germany, and it sells aminic antioxidants under the Naugalube brand name for use in automotive and industrial lubes.

The company said the expansion in Taiwan is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022.