Paper Spotlights Counterfeiting


Paper Spotlights Counterfeiting
The Asian Lubricants Industry Association published a white paper, prepared by Kline & Co., that analyzes the degree of counterfeiting of lubricants in Asia. © Algirdas Gelazius

Ten percent of the lubricants consumed globally are counterfeit, according to a white paper published last week by the Asian Lubricants Industry Association. Prepared by Kline & Co. consultants in cooperation with the Singapore-based trade group, the paper concluded that the most commonly counterfeited lubes are motor oils, greases, metalworking fluids, hydraulic fluids and industrial engine oils.

Titled “Counterfeit Lubricants in Asia,” the paper draws on survey responses from companies throughout China and South and Southeast Asia. The report includes actionable recommendations and insights into the role of local authorities.

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“Low customer awareness is a key enabling factor for the increase in counterfeiting,” association Chairman Tan Pai Kok said in a press release. “ALIA plays a vital role in tackling the threat of product counterfeiting by promoting industry best practice and guiding ethical standards in the region.”

In the press release, the association said that counterfeits account for approximately 10% of total lubricant sales globally, with passenger car motor oils, heavy-duty motor oils, motorcycle oils, lubricating greases, metalworking fluids, hydraulic fluids and industrial engine oils being prone to counterfeiting because of their high demand.

The industry organization announced the white paper – which is only available to ALIA members – during a virtual member-to-member sharing session moderated by Sharmini Lohadhasan, ALIA chair for the Subcommittee on Governance, Best Practices and International Relations. ALIA represents the interests of the Asian lubricants industry and provides services to help members grow. For more information, visit the ALIA website.

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