Japan’s Auto Exports Rise


Japan’s Auto Exports Rise

Japan exported 4.8 million motor vehicles in 2019, a marginal increase from 2018, while domestic sales for all motor vehicles dropped 1.5 percent, according to data compiled by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association.

Japans domestic vehicle sales dipped 1.5 percent to 5.2 million units for 2019. Passenger car sales slid 2.3 percent to 4.3 million units. Truck sales edged up 1.5 percent to around 867,200 units, and bus sales decreased less than 1 percent to just shy of 13,600 vehicles. Domestic sales of motorcycles declined 1.3 percent to just over 331,200 units.

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The country exported 4.4 million passenger cars last year, up slightly from 2018. North America was the prime export market for passenger cars, accounting for almost 43 percent of units exported. Europe was second, accounting for almost 22 percent, and Asia was third at almost 12 percent. The number of passenger cars exported from Japan to North America declined 0.5 percent to about 1.9 million, while the number exported to Europe increased 11.4 percent to 965,115 units. Exports to the Asia market rose almost 6 percent to more than 514,960 units.

Japan exported almost 325,000 trucks in 2019, down more than 7 percent from 2018. Exports of buses were up 20 percent at almost 121,000 units.

Motorcycle exports tumbled 13.2 percent to less than 396,400 units. Europe accounted for more than 48 percent of exported units, North America for almost 29 percent and Asia for close to 8 percent. The number of motorcycles exported from Japan to Europe declined by more than 12 percent to less than 191,200 units, while the number exported to North America dropped by almost 18 percent to around 114,130 units. The number of motorcycles exported from Japan to Asia decreased by 3 percent last year to just under 32,490 units.

The nations automakers manufactured almost 9.7 million vehicles within Japan last year, down 5 percent from the prior year. Production of passenger cars decreased slightly, to 8.3 million vehicles. Production of trucks declined 2 percent to 1.2 million, and bus production increased more than 8 percent to 122,621. Motorcycle production experienced a sharp decline last year, dropping 13 percent to 567,378 units.

Tokyo-based JAMA has 14 member companies. The associations activities include conducting studies and surveys related to automobile production, distribution, trade and use.

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