Pertamina Truck Treads New Ground


Bucking the trend of on-demand, on-location mobile oil change services commonly offered in Indonesia, Pertamina Lubricants said its having success drawing customers to its itinerant service truck that it stations in various high-traffic areas.

The national oil companys new effort, Pertamina Lubecare Mobile Service, provides aftermarket oil changes using equipment packed into a heavy-duty, single-tier truck that it parks at one particular location at a time.

Photo courtesy of Pertamina Lubricants

Pertamina Lubricants said it s having success drawing customers to its itinerant oil change service truck that it stations in various high-traffic areas.

Mechanics move the truck around various metropolitan areas – usually to a different place every day, targeting high-population hubs such as campuses, schools, malls, offices, markets and factories in Jakarta, Bogor, Cirebon, Bandung and Tangerang. The trucks current location and schedule of upcoming locations are posted on the companys social media accounts.

Many Indonesian motor vehicle workshops and lubricant suppliers provide mobile oil services on an on-demand basis – usually coming to the customers preferred location. But according to Pertamina, its novel for an aftermarket service truck to park at various chosen locations and wait for customers to come to it.

Pertamina said its faring well with the new model. We received great customer responses so far in areas we have operated, explained Andria Nusa, director of sales and marketing. In nearly eight hours at one single location, we can obtain 20 to 30 customers for light vehicle service and oil changes. The company had been testing the service, but now plans to continue offering it in 2018.

This truck was launched to increase brand awareness, and its strategy is to be in places with potential demand, or as requested, Andria added. We want our products to be closer to our customers. We want to increase not just our brand awareness, but also our services. The truck is also equipped with nitrogen, compressors, and other service equipment and car maintenance tools.

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