Toyo Drilube Expands in Indochina


Japans Toyo Drilube will expand its facility in Vietnam in April and consolidate its two facilities in Thailand by June 2016, the company told Lube Report Asia.

Established in 1962, Toyo Drilube produces solid film lubricants formulated with solid lubricants such as molybdenum disulfide.The company will invest about 50 million (U.S. $420, 000) to expand its only facility in Vietnam, which it began operating last year.

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We are expanding to meet new orders in Vietnam, said a company spokesman, noting that the company needs to meet rising demand for solid film lubricant coating mainly from the automotive, electronics and optical industries.

Toyo also plans to combine its two factories in Thailand, to increase coating capacity.

Toyos lubricant coatings are formulated with solid lubricants like molybdenum disulfide, fluorine resin or graphite and can be added to the main sliding areas of industrial machinery, automotive parts, home appliances and electronics. They are used in running gear or power-train components where liquid lubricants like oil and grease cannot be used. For example, the solid film lubricants are applied to the throttle valve, boot and idle speed valve of a vehicle.

The company has subsidiaries in Thailand and Vietnam that are both involved in solid film coating, and three other facilities in China. For the year ended June 2014, Toyo had net profit of 301 million total sales of 5.1 billion.