Synthetics Popular in Malaysia


Malaysia is a regional leader in consumption of synthetic and semi-synthetic passenger car motor oils, with an uptake of 40 percent, according to a study by Kline & Co.

In an announcing the study yesterday, the United States-based consulting firm also said synthetics consumption is growing fast in China, though the rate of use there does not match Malaysia.

Semi-synthetics account for approximately 30 percent of the passenger car motor oils consumed in Malaysia, Kline said in a press release, adding that full-synthetics are used less because they cost more. The firm suggested that the combined popularity of those categories of oil owes to Malaysian adherence to automaker guidance.

Most consumers in Malaysia follow guidelines of OEMs, who recommend multigrade products, Kline stated. It added that 20W and 15W are the leading viscosity grades but that the market is trending toward lighter oils, including 5Ws.

In China, demand for synthetics has risen more than 10 percent each of the past two years, Kline found. Mobil 1 from ExxonMobil is the best-known full-synthetic product in China, and similar products from Shell and BP are also very popular.

Kline said its study, Global Lubricants: Market Analysis and Assessment, will be released soon.

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