KH NeoChem Makes More Carboxylic Acid


KH NeoChem said last week that it had completed a 10 percent expansion of 2-ethyl hexanoic acid at its plant in Yokkaichi, Japan. The chemicals are carboxylic acids used in production of synthetic lubricants and other applications.

KH NeoChem did not disclose the cost of the project nor the plants capacity. The company claims to be one of the worlds leading producers of 2-ethyl hexanoic acid and said that demand has grown steadily in recent years.

Officials added that the Yokkaichi plant may expand production of types of carboxylic acids in coming years.

2-ethyl hexanoic acid is used in the production of synthetic esters, which have faced growing demand for lubricant production. The chemicals are also key components in production of plasticizers, cosmetics, coatings and resins.

KH NeoChem is based in Tokyo.

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