Asia Thirsts for Metalworking Fluids


Asia accounted for 40 percent of global demand for metalworking fluids in 2012, according to a new study by Kline & Co. The U.S.-based consulting firm also predicted that metalworking fluid demand will grow faster in Asia than in any other region – at an average annual rate of about 2.8 percent through 2017.

The study, Global Metalworking Fluids: Market Analysis and Opportunities, estimated worldwide demand for metalworking fluids at 2.3 million metric tons. It said that 30 percent of global consumption is in the Americas and 26 percent in Europe. The firm predicts that global demand will grow an average of 2.3 percent through 2017.

China consumes by far the most metalworking fluids in Asia, followed by Japan, India and South Korea, Milind Phadke, director of Klines Energy Practice, said during a conference call last week. He added that Thailand and China are expected to see the fastest fluid demand growth in the region, both rising faster than 4 percent per year.

Yushiro Chemical Industry Co. is Asias largest supplier of metalworking fluids, with a market share of more than 10 percent, the study concludes. Houghton is the next-largest supplier followed by BP Castrol, Idemitsu Kosan, Quaker Chemical and Sugimura Chemical Industrial Co.